LogCheck shows you exactly how well maintenance is performing in your building

Insight | Protection | Accountability

LogCheck is the easiest way to stay on top of routine inspections, maintenance tasks, and meter readings.

  • Get immediate insight your building's state of maintenance down to the smallest detail

  • Protect occupants and reduce liability with secure, easy-to-access safety and maintenance records

  • Ensure accountability with unlimited users and time stamped records

Whether viewing your portfolio of buildings or a single boiler reading, LogCheck gives you the vantage point you want to get a status or analyze maintenance quickly. Full accountability and transparency will keep your team on task.


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LogCheck is a routine operations management system that's powerful, but easy-to-implement. A quick and simple tool, it makes the job your team does easy to document, and a snap to review. Upgrading routine maintenance from a paper system or untangling it from a work order system empowers your maintenance data and gives you peace of mind wherever, whenever.